Having lived in Sutton Scotney for 25 years Rob Parker felt that he should do something for the community.  Many years of self employment and long anti-social hours had previously prevented any real involvement.  Seeing Community Public Access Defibrillators appearing in many other local villages he decided to organise the installation of these life-saving machines across the Wonston Parish.  Rob was very fortunate to find willing help in Matt Todd, Tom Coleman and Michael Collett to head up local fundraising in Sutton Scotney, Wonston, Norton, Stoke Charity and Hunton. The Wonston Villages AED Project was formally constituted on 22nd June 2016.

Tom and Matt have kindly offered to locate CPADs on their buildings as has Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.  We will purchase the Stoke Charity Phone Box from BT.  John Caulcutt has kindly offered to host a CPAD at Hunton. 

We have partnered with the Community Heartbeat Trust.  CHT are very experienced in supplying and managing CPAD schemes across the UK, having been involved in the installation of more than 2,000 defibrillators to date.

Our aim from the outset was not only to find the funding for the purchase of the defibrillators and cabinets but to establish a managed fund to provide for the regular maintenance of our equipment and for its replacement in years to come.