As most of us will never have the need to 'open the box' you may still be interested to know what is inside each of our cabinets. 

Once you open the cabinet you'll find the defibrillator in its easy carry case.  Grab and go.  If it's dark and the patient is outside a building then take the high-viz jacket and torch.  Stay safe!

When you are with the patient and you unzip the carry case you will find the actual defibrillator.  The green button above the video screen powers up the device and actuates the video sequence.  Turn the device over to find the electrode pads which are in a slot on the back.


On the back of the carry case there is a pouch and inside is a small first aid kit which contains the essentials for working on the patient.  Most essential is the pair of scissors.  Clothing can be replaced.  If necessary, cut it off to expose the chest.