15/10/18  This is the date of our next fundraising event.  Those lovely people who run the Wonston Community Cafe are supporting our maintenance fund by giving the proceeds of this month's cafe to us.  Lots of yummy cakes, tea and coffee galore at The Wonston Arms from 0930 to 1200.  We hope to see you there.

12/08/18  The AGM of the Wonston Villages AED Project was held at the Wonston Arms at 4.30pm on Thursday 12th July 2018.  Present were Rob Parker, Matt Todd and Michael Collett.  Apologies were received from Tom Coleman due to harvesting.  During the year we have paid out £116.50 for electrical work but have received £67 from the proceeds of a fundraising quiz at the Wonston Arms.  We will have further expenditure in the coming year as all five defibrillators will require electrode pads replacing.  If anyone would like a copy of the Minutes of this meeting please e-mail

3/6/18  A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who took part in the quiz last night at The Best little Pub in Hampshire. In spite of Derek’s fiendishly difficult questions the winners ran out with 50 scored out of a possible 80. A great effort! Extra thanks are due to the winners who generously donated their cash prize to the defibrillator fund. The evening topped up our fund by £67. Mind you, at the end we all felt as if we’d done 7 rounds against The Beast from The Chase! Those questions were not normal pub quiz questions!

12/04/18  I have today completed the  Annual Checks on all five of our CPADS as required by Community Heartbeat Trust.  All five cabinets have been checked for safety and the defibrillators have been battery and consumables checked.  All cabinets have been cleaned and polished inside and out.  We're in the best possible shape should an emergency occur.

10/04/18  To offset the effect of inflation on our maintenance fund we are holding a Pub Quiz at The Wonston Arms on Saturday 2nd June 2018 starting at 8pm.  It's only £2 per person to enter and it's going to be a fun evening.  Please make the effort to be there.  There will be a need to replace the sticky pads in all five of our defibrillators during the coming year so we will be spending some of our funds.  Thank you in advance!

02/04/18  I'm pleased to report that the green light has been restored to the Wonston Arms cabinet.  We needed a new transformer which Community Heartbeat Trust very kindly supplied at no cost to us.  Thank you CHT!

03/03/18  The green light is once again out on the Wonston Arms cabinet.  This does not affect the operation of the defibrillator which is being regularly checked and has a battery in good condition.  It's just a problem with the pub's electrics which are slightly older than the landlord!  Normal service will resume when we find a friendly electrician to take a look.

01/01/2018  A very Happy New Year to all of our sponsors.  Thankfully no one has needed to use our defibrillators but it is good to know that they are not far away if we do need one.  Please make sure that you know the five locations just in case you can fetch one in an emergency.

20/9/17  Check our Useful Info page for the signs of SEPSIS.  It can kill almost as quickly as a cardiac arrest.

30/8/17  The heater on the Wonston Arms cabinet has now been reconnected to the mains supply and the green light is now displaying again.  All of our cabinets are once more fully functional.

13/8/17  You may have noticed that the green light is out on the cabinet at The Wonston Arms.  There's no cause for concern.  The power has been turned off for a while whilst some further work is carried out to stop the defib cabinet fusing the lights in the pub! The cabinet still opens and the defib itself is still fully operational.

19/6/17  Our first AGM was held today at The Wonston Arms and was attended by all four members of the Project Committee.  They are Rob Parker (Chairman) representing Sutton Scotney, Tom Coleman (Secretary) representing Norton, Matt Todd (Treasurer) representing Wonston and Michael Collett (Fundraiser) representing Stoke Charity and Hunton.

Whilst we have sufficient funds for the maintenance of our equipment for the foreseeable future,  concern was raised that, with inflation running at 2.4% pa, we are effectively losing money on our funds in the current account.  There are problems investing community funds and so it was agreed that we would run small community events each year to raise just sufficient to compensate for the inflation. 
Other topics discussed were our relationship with the Community Heartbeat Trust, the future of our website and ways of continuing communication with our community.
Matt requested a further Awareness Training Session to be held in The Wonston Arms in the autumn and this will be arranged.
The three principal committee members offered themselves for re-election and were duly elected for the coming year.
In summary our Project has, thanks to our amazing community, been an outstanding success and is now complete apart from weekly checks and periodic maintenance of the equipment.  Consumables are programmed for replacement according to the manufacturers' schedules. We now just need to look after our equipment and one another!

19/5/17  A big thank you to all residents who gave up their Friday evening to attend our second Awareness Training Session at the Victoria Hall.  We recorded 40 names so we are very pleased with your response.  For anyone unable to attend then please visit our Online Learning pages where you will find the relevant information in video form.

24/4/17  Mobile phone signals have been tested today at all five of our CPAD locations.  There is an acceptable phone signal from at least three networks at each location.  'Acceptable' means that you will be able to call 999 or 112.  You probably won't be able to download your e-mails!  If your particular mobile phone network does not have a signal then it will join one of the others for the purposes of the 999 / 112 call.  The full test results are on our Useful Info page.

19/4/17  Following a question raised at our Awareness Training Session we will soon be carrying out mobile phone network tests to establish which networks have a signal at our CPAD locations.  As long as at least one network has a signal then a '999' or '112' emergency call will be connected.  Full results will be published soon.

11/4/17  Thank you to all those who attended our first defibrillator awareness training session held at Norton Park Hotel.  We had 30 people attend, including both residents and employees from local businesses.  It was good to see some children with us as they are very quick on the uptake and could help in an emergency.  I feel that we all gained some confidence from the training which included CPR and use of a defibrillator.  Thanks to Paul Abbott our excellent trainer and to Eryl Holt for being our first volunteer.  Below are a few images from the session which I hope will encourage others to attend the next session at Victoria Hall, Sutton Scotney at 7.30pm on Friday 19th May 2017.


3/4/17  It's time to acknowledge the terrific job done by fundraiser Michael Collett who, single-handedly, raised the amazing total of £4,000 from two very small villages to enable the supply of defibrillators to Stoke Charity and Hunton.  Well done Michael!


2/4/17  It's finished! Smart as a guardsman on parade the former telephone box now proudly displays its new purpose in life.  Looking sad before rejuvenation.


22/3/17  Hoping to finish the telephone box next week.  The weather is not playing nicely at present.


15/3/17  The CPAD on our Fire Station is now operational!


14/3/17  Our final CPAD was installed on the Fire Station this morning and will be operational in a day or two.

Work continues on the iconic telephone box at Stoke Charity.  Check out this dodgy looking character hard at work this afternoon!

13/3/17  A beautiful day today and we were able to re-mask the telephone kiosk windows and to give the exterior a good undercoat.  Tomorrow we are going to install the CPAD on Sutton Scotney Fire Station.  Our plan is coming together.  Not far to go now!

9/3/17  The Stoke Charity CPAD is now operational!

8/3/17  In spite of the heavy rain the cabinet was fitted inside the Stoke Charity phone box today.  The defibrillator will become operational in a couple of days once it is registered on the Ambulance Service system.  The overhead light in the phone box is not working but I'm hoping to fix this soon.  The painting of the box will take place as soon as possible.  Big thanks to Justin Rowles for the coffee once again!

I am assured by Hampshire Property Services that we will be able to install the CPAD on the Fire Station before the end of March.

3/3/17  Fitting the cabinet to the Stoke Charity phone box was scheduled for today but was cancelled due to the heavy rain.  We'll try again next Wednesday.  Still no update on the fire station installation.

27/2/17  As soon as I mentioned the weather it changed and work has come to a halt on the phone box.  Obviously it must be dry to paint but the surface of the box must be over 10 degrees C to take the paint.  We're going to need patience.  It might be possible to fit the defibrillator before the box is painted.  I'll see what can be done.

17/2/17  Work has now started on repainting the Stoke Charity Phone box.  It is in pretty poor condition and the preparation will take longer than the painting.  It looks as though the weather will be on our side for a while and so we will make as much progress as possible whilst it's warm and dry.

9/2/17  Tanith and Justin Rowles have kindly let me know that BT have now removed the phone from the Stoke Charity phone box.  This will enable us to start repainting the box once we have some fine weather.

7/2/17  There will be a delay in fitting our CPADS in Sutton Scotney and Stoke Charity for reasons beyond our control.  For the Fire Station installation we must use their electrical contractor which has delayed things.  We hope to have this fitted by the end of February.  We still await BT removing the telephone from Stoke Charity and then we must have some dry weather for the repainting to take place.

27/1/17  The good news continues!  We've today received a grant of £750 from Hampshire County Council thanks to our County Councillor Jackie Porter.  This was a grant which I applied for nearly 9 months ago and I'd almost forgotten about it.  Thank you Jackie!

25/1/17  Our CPAD in Hunton next to the post box  is now operational.

23/1/17  Our CPAD ON THE Wonston Arms Village Pub is now operational.

20/1/17  WOW!  What a fantastic day we've had today.  First and foremost a massive thank you to three local organisations for boosting our funds by £1670!  Act Too sponsored us to the tune of £1400 from their brilliant pantomime 'Jack and the Beanstalk' at Christmas and the combined efforts of the 5678 Choir and the Dever Singers raised £270 from their summer concert.  This is the icing on the cake from what has become one of the best community projects ever.  Thank you all.

20/1/17  Our second CPAD has been installed at The Wonston Arms.  Here's Matt, freezing cold, but happy to pose with the Wonston defibrillator.  It won't be operational for a few days while we add it to the database for the Ambulance Service.

20/1/17  Our third CPAD has been installed in Hunton on the corner of Hunton Down Lane next to the post box and Parish noticeboard.  It won't be operational for a few days while we add it to the database for the Ambulance Service.

16/1/17 The Norton defibrillator is now operational.

14/1/17  More content has been added to our website.  'In the Box' shows you in words and pictures what to expect if you ever have to access the defibrillator.

14/1/17  You can now 'Like' us on Facebook and 'Follow' us on Twitter as 'wonstoncpads'.  Please tell your neighbours.  This is a great way to keep up to date with our project.

11/1/17  Two new pages have been added to our website.  In an Emergency gives you precise actions to take and Online Learning offers a series of very short videos on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children and babies.  There is also a video on placing a patient in the Recovery Position.  The final two videos show our model of defibrillator and cabinet to assist in familiarisation.  Please feel free to use these resources  ahead of our Awareness Sessions to be arranged in the Spring.

11/1/17  Great news.  Our first CPAD has been installed this morning on the Lower Norton Farm workshop.  Here's Tom Coleman our Norton co-ordinator alongside the cabinet.  Please note that the defibrillator is not in service just yet as we need the Ambulance Service to register it on their systems so that they will be able to give the access code in an emergency.  Once it is operational this will be indicated on our CPAD Locations page and on this page above.

19/12/16  How much money can you raise in two hours by selling coffee and cake?  The answer is £293.20!  Well done Wonston Community Cafe and thank you to all of the volunteers and customers.  A fantastic contribution.

14/12/16  Further exciting news - our equipment has now arrived!  Electrical work is required at all of our locations and the Stoke Charity telephone box requires repainting once BT remove the telephone.  As Christmas is so close we are unable to carry out any work right now but we will start installations in early January 2017.

15/11/16 Exciting news as we have been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund.  This means that this grant, combined with the generous donations from local residents and businesses, will enable us to buy the best available equipment for our five villages and will also enable us to have a fund to ensure the proper maintenance of our equipment for the foreseeable future.  You can be confident that our equipment will be fully operational 365 days of the year.

28/10/16 Residents of Hunton have expressed a desire to have their own defibrillator and have offered a potential location for the cabinet.  Efforts are now underway to raise the necessary funding to achieve this aim.  If we are successful then our parish will be one of the best equipped in the country with five defibrillators.  We hope to have our equipment operational in early 2017.

22/9/16 Donations for Sutton Scotney, Norton and Stoke Charity are now at or over £1000 each.  Residents and businesses are being very generous towards this project.  The process has started to adopt the Stoke Charity telephone box from BT.  This will take about 3 months and then we will repaint the box and restore it to its former splendour.

12/8/16  Fundraising is going well with local businesses making significant donations.  One resident of Sutton Scotney has donated £500.  Please follow this lead and make a contribution towards making our community a safer place to live.